Qatar Fund for Development and Silatech signs a framework agreement to support youth economic empowerment globally

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30 January، 2023
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6 February، 2023

Qatar Fund for Development and Silatech signs a framework agreement to support youth economic empowerment globally.

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and Silatech have signed a framework agreement that will expand Silatech’s footprint in the MENA region and beyond by targeting more youth economic empowerment programs in its quest to improve the livelihoods of at least five million youth across the globe.
The framework agreement contributes to Goal 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which promotes sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth.
It also contributes to QFFD’s vision of giving hope and promoting peace and justice through sustainable and inclusive development.
Mr. Sultan Al-Aseeri, Deputy Director General for project Development, said: “Youth Economic empowerment is an important sector that plays a pivotal role in improving fragile and marginalized societies in a sustained manner, and this is the most important goal of this agreement. This agreement will give youth in the least developed communities plenty of opportunities to exercise greater control over their resources and life choices. Such projects will also contribute to other sectors, allowing people from the least-developed countries to invest in health and education. This opens new and diverse horizons to improve their livelihood. Whereas we at Qatar Fund for Development believe in the capabilities of youth and their role in building their societies, as they are the most important core for the future.”
Silatech CEO Hassan Al-Mulla said “This cooperation with QFFD is a pivotal step towards achieving our long-term targets of economically empowering five million young men and woman across the globe. The development field requires this type of collaboration between the government and non-government sectors to enhance the impact of our interventions and amplifies the reach of our projects. We are convinced that this valuable partnership will expand our efforts to improve the lives of many young men and woman in marginalized and disadvantaged communities and will attract further partnerships with others in the field.”