UNDP Representative in Sudan Appreciates the Efforts of the State of Qatar to Support Darfur

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3 February، 2017
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27 September، 2017

UNDP Representative in Sudan Appreciates the Efforts of the State of Qatar to Support Darfur 

The Cost of the Qatari Development Projects in Cooperation with UNDP Exceeds $ 88 million.

More than $ 10 million for the re-integration of former rebel combatants and development project in Darfur


Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD) has inaugurated an economic project in Sudan to empower the demobilized militants under the Doha Peace Agreement and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to establish peace and development in Darfur region and to implement projects which will contribute to pushing forward stability and development through partnership.

QFFD stressed that the economic development project aims to achieve security and development in the Darfur region within the framework of the Doha Peace Document, which emphasizes development as an essential component of peace.

In a related context, the Qatari organizations that have implemented the first phase of the project are currently preparing for the second phase, in cooperation with the relevant international organizations to provide their development support.

On this occasion, Sudanese Minister of International Cooperation Dr. Idris Suleiman Yousif praised the State of Qatar’s efforts to bring peace to Darfur, adding that Qatar is not only contributing to the peace process but has also supported the development and social services which play a key role in stabilizing and sustaining the peace process.