First Qatari Plane Carrying Aid Arrives to Afghanistan as Part of Relief Campaign Due to Earthquake

“Quest” Initiative for Refugees and Displaced Persons
22 June، 2022
Second Shipment of Qatari Aid Arrives in Afghanistan As Part of Relief Campaign Due to Earthquake
29 June، 2022

News from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The first Qatari plane carrying a shipment of aid, provided by Qatar Charity (QC) in cooperation with partner agencies and in coordination with Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), arrived on Saturday in the city of Khost in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to support the Afghan people as part of an urgent relief campaign due to the earthquake.

The shipment contained 13 tons of aid.

This aid comes within the framework of the efforts of the State of Qatar and its firm commitment to provide support and stand by the brotherly Afghan people, and to provide them with urgent and necessary needs