Mr. Khalifa bin Jassem Al-Kuwari

Director General of QFFD

Director Message

Message of the Director General

Throughout the past few years, relief and development organizations have exerted great efforts to help the peoples of developing and disaster-stricken countries. The role of the State of Qatar in these global efforts was clear and essential.

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) is the State of Qatar’s agency in supporting those nations through provision of all types of financial tools and projects to realize global sustainable development.

Since its establishment, QFFD has sought to be a cornerstone in relief and development efforts through meeting the international development commitments of the State of Qatar. QFFD has achieved rapid accomplishments by supporting various projects and providing financial grants to more than fifty geographical regions around the world.

QFFD’s various departments engage in extensive efforts to take advantage of opportunities that may further develop its plans and strategies. They also explore the use of innovative tools that may realize the organization’s objectives in all of its operational sectors including education, health, economic empowerment, humanitarian assistance and infrastructure.

QFFD has achieved noticeable progress in highlighting the role of the State of Qatar in the field of development. One avenue was with active participation in various meetings and forums held with other official donor assistance agencies, and international relief and development organizations. QFFD’s work was not restricted to providing financial grants, rather it succeeded in leveraging other international donors to finance projects in countries that are of a priority to the State of Qatar. QFFD also coordinated continuously with local and international partner organizations to plan and implement rapid humanitarian responses for countries in need.

QFFD has a pivotal role in humanitarian relief and development efforts around the world in a continuous effort as a leading relief and development organization.