Memorandum of Understanding with Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Fund

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16 January، 2016
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27 September، 2017

In light of the State of Qatar’s interest in human development and the development of education and scientific research sectors, which have been clearly reflected in the development indicators in recent years, Qatar seeks to contribute to the development of scholarship programs and agreements for the development of the education sector and to promote scientific research locally and internationally Communities and countries around the world.

Based on the vision of the Qatar Development Fund (QFD), which works on behalf of the State of Qatar to improve the livelihoods of communities through the coordination and implementation of external development assistance, and the Fund’s mission that stems from its belief that comprehensive development can be achieved only with a focus on the human element, With the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Fund, signed a memorandum of understanding under which Qatar Development Fund (QFD) will donate about £ 3 million to the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom to finance the cost of study and accommodation for outstanding students from Qatar and Arab countries.

The MoU also referred to the funding of the Qatar Development Fund (QFD) for the Qatar and Tatcher Scholarships, as well as postgraduate grants from Oxford University in the name of Oxford, Qatar and Thatcher Scholarships, which were designed to enable promising students from all over the world to take advantage of distinctive education at Somerville College , In the same way as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who struggled against difficulties until she had a distinctive education.

The Qatar Development Fund sees its support for these grants as a step toward shaping a better future for students who will be a powerful tool to build their communities and address the complex challenges they face today. The Fund also believes that contributing to the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Fund will give outstanding students the ability to sharpen their skills, Necessary to benefit their surroundings.

The new Qatar and Tatcher scholarships will cover the full tuition, living and travel costs, as well as Oxford University, Qatar and Thatcher Scholarships, which will be available to postgraduate students.

The scholarship fund at Somerville College was founded in 2013 to commemorate the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to support outstanding students, giving them preference in grants to those who have demonstrated their misfortune in one way or another as the late Thatcher did.

In the same context, the Qatar Development Fund (QF) is active in providing grants and assistance around the world to support communities in the areas of health, education, agriculture, social services and economic development.