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Qatar Fund for Development and the International Organization for Migration Signs A Core Contribution Agreement 

July 17, 2022

(Doha – XX July 2022) Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have signed a core contribution agreement to support IOM operations globally through allocation of flexible funding.  QFFD will provide IOM with unearmarked core contribution in the amount of USD 400,000 to be used by IOM in carrying out its work and capacities in the areas that fall within the scope of IOM’s mandate.  

This agreement is a continuation to fulfill the pledges of the State of Qatar to finance basic resources, amounting to 500 million US dollars, to support the United Nations organizations, which was announced during the 2018 Doha Forum.

On this occasion, Mr. Ali  Abdulla Al Dabbagh, Deputy Director General – Planning, said: “This agreement is part of QFFD’s interest in helping the most fragile societies. As migration today is one of the most critical issues that we need to take care of, we need to assure their future stability and prosperity. This agreement with IOM will assure the help of migrants, including internally displaced persons, refugees, and migrant workers, to access the basics human rights and ensure a decent life for them”.

Mrs. Carmela Godeau, IOM Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa , said: ‘’Unearmarked funding for IOM is of crucial importance, and I am very pleased to welcome QFFD to the growing group of donors that have entrusted IOM with such flexible funding. Thanks to QFFD’s contribution, IOM will strengthen its capacities to deliver an effective response to today’s mobility challenges. IOM is at the forefront of humanitarian crises worldwide and millions of migrants and internally displaced persons rely on our essential services each year. QFFD’s unearmarked contribution to IOM illustrates the strong partnership between our two institutions.”

Ms. Iman Ereiqat, Chief of IOM Mission in Qatar, said: “The signing of this agreement on unearmarked funding launches a new partnership with QFFD. Thanks to this contribution, QFFD is providing IOM with the valuable opportunity to allocate funding to the most pressing needs in line with the principles of good donorship. This important contribution to IOM’s Migration Resource Allocation Committee (MIRAC) funding mechanism is the result of a partnership built on mutual trust and understanding. As the IOM Mission in Qatar, we are proud of this partnership with QFFD and look forward to further expanding and strengthening it.”

This new agreement is a continuation of the ongoing partnership of QFFD and IOM to support vulnerable migrants throughout the globe. It is worth mentioning that with the two Grant Agreements signed between the parties back at the end of October and mid-November of 2021 QFFD and IOM started implementing two projects, a one-year project “Livelihood Support in the Beqaa and North Lebanon targeting Syrian Refugees” in Lebanon, and a nine-month project “Life-saving flood response in northwest Syria” in Syria. While the Syrian project, managed by IOM Turkey, is targeting 11 informal Internally Displaced People (IDP) sites with camp infrastructure upgrades as a flood mitigation response, the Lebanese project is providing the livelihood support to Syrian refugees and host communities with an aim to alleviate their economic losses that have resulted from socioeconomic deterioration and COVID-19 disruption in the country.

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