Qatar Fund For Development
Qatar Fund For Development
Qatar Fund For Development
  • 13 May
  • 2024

Qatar Fund for Development and UNICEF take part in the High-Level Strategic Dialogueto support global child rights and development

February 1, 2024

United Nations Plaza, New York

January 31 2024

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) participated in the High-Level Strategic Dialogue (HLSD) hosted by the Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar to the UN.

The HLSD included the participation of delegation from QFFD and UNICEF, alongside other Qatari stakeholders, and it set the stage for advancing the longstanding partnership that will continually aim to support the well-being of children worldwide by fostering economic, developmental, and humanitarian initiatives.

During the opening remarks of the Dialogue, H.E. Mr. Khalifa Al Kuwari, Director General of QFFD, stated that, “Over the years, this partnership has yielded tangible outcomes, touching the lives of countless children across various spheres, including their access to safe drinking water and sanitation in Yemen or securing the livelihoods of drought-affected children and their families in Somalia, or our core contributions supporting UNICEF’s regular resources to ensure our impact extends to regions where vulnerable children face the harshest of circumstances”. 

QFFD and UNICEF, through their commitment to this partnership, engaged in collaborative discussions and highlighted productive approaches and best practices, through coordinated humanitarian responses and targeted development initiatives, underscoring their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of children in need.

“UNICEF appreciates the partnership with the Qatar Fund for Development and their commitment to provide support for some of the most vulnerable children around the world, including education,” said UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell. “Together, we can help save and improve the lives of children who need our support the most.”

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