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Qatar Fund for Development donates $ 57 million for the Electricity Sector in the Republic of Libya

January 14, 2018

Qatar Fund for Development asserted that supporting the electricity sector in the Republic of Libya is part of Qatar’s ongoing commitment towards its brothers in Libya

Qatar Development Fund has completed the implementation of a project on supporting the electricity sector in Tripoli, Libya through purchasing, installing and operating two mobile power units with a total capacity of 61.6 megawatts, and providing training courses for Libyan personnel in the area of maintenance of these units.

Qatar Fund for Development Fund demonstrated that the Qatari power plant aimed at solving the electricity crisis and ending the suffering of the Libyan people, particularly in the hot summer. The units provide electricity for many facilities in Tripoli, such as hospitals, schools and homes.

QFFD signed an agreement to purchase, install and operate two mobile power units in Tripoli six months ago as the financier of the project, the Power & Water Alliance LLC is the implementer and the General Electricity Company of Libya is a beneficiary. In addition, Nebras Power will act as a consultant and a supervisor.

The General Electricity Company of Libya celebrated the opening of the project of operating the two gas turbines with a capacity of 60 megawatts at West Tripoli Power Plant on Monday 24 July 2017. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Electricity Company of Libya Eng. Ghaith Ali, the Executive Director of the Company, the Mayor of Janzur, the Director of West Tripoli Power Plant and a number of general managers and employees attended the ceremony. The attendees toured the project at West Tripoli Power Plant, where the engineers gave detailed explanations of the project phases.

This support is part of Qatar Fund for Development’s efforts to provide assistance to the Arab countries and other developing countries to implement development programs.

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