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Qatar Fund for Development, in cooperation with Education Above All Foundation, signed 7 agreements to support the education sector in a number of least developed countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America

March 28, 2022

On the sidelines of the Doha Forum

Qatar Fund for Development, in cooperation with Education Above All Foundation, signed 7 agreements to support the education sector in a number of least developed countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America

The Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) in cooperation with the Education Above All Foundation signed 7 agreements (EAA) in the republic of Uganda, the federal republic of Somalia, the republic of Sierra Leone,the republic or Tanzania, The Islamic republic of Pakistan, the republic of South Sudan and Haiti. These agreements focus on opportunities to provide quality education for out of school children, through EAA’s Educate A Child programme.

These agreements support projects designed to enable access to education for more than 1.6 million out of school children and youth. The agreements focuses on several important activities to provide learning skills, including developing educational curricula, refininging educational techniques and methods, global citizenship, and improving infrastructure for schools and classrooms. As for the projects, they seek to addresses the livelihood requirements of water and good food for students, teachers and teaching staff, and ensuring the cleanliness of schools with good sanitation.

Awareness campaigns for parents will address the importance of education and combating the problems of child labour and children dropping out of school, and will be done in cooperation with local community leaders and influential personalities in the beneficiary countries. In addition, several projects include developing student registration systems, and solving overcrowded classrooms.

It also aims to empower youth and local stakeholders in the republic of South Sudan with knowledge and skills essential for human rights advocacy with a focus on the right to education, being the first key to peace, peacebuilding, and sustainable development to become active global citizens in fragile and conflict-affected communities of South Sudan.

On this occasion and it such crucial times, HE Mr. Khalifa Al Kuwari, Director General of Qatar Fund for Development, said: “These agreements, in cooperation with our strategic partner Education Above All, are an affirmation of the State of Qatar’s keenness to support education and secure a decent life, achieve peace and justice, which supports the process of sustainable human development that Through which the desired development goals of the United Nations are achieved. At Qatar Fund for Development, we believe that supporting education is one of the main pillars of human development and the key to success.”

H.E Khalifa added: “Investing in education is the key that will provide children and youth with the tools they need to be positive members of their community. For this reason, Qatar Fund for Development is proud to contribute to the development of education. To empower students with the skills and knowledge that will support them in their future to become active members in their society.”

H.E Fahad Al Sulaiti, Education Above All’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Having already surpassed our goal of enrolling 10 million children into primary education across the world, we are pleased to further expand the reach of our “Educate A Child”and ROTA programmes. Through our programmes, we continue to provide access to quality education opportunities for millions of the world’s most invisible children, something we all know has huge transformative value in a child’s life. We at Education Above All, along with our partners, are committed to ensure that all children go to school – because education is the best way to ensure that children grow up to live healthy, prosperous lives.”

In order to complement the national strategies and priorities in the field of education, QFFD works alongside EAA to address poverty, rehabilitate schools, provide psychosocial support, and sports education, as well as implementing targeted capacity building initiatives, and advocating for the educational rights for the hardest-to-reach groups of out-of-school children. In doing so, the partnership between the two institutions continues to mitigate barriers to education, such as poverty, refugee status, gender discrimination, inadequate infrastructure and challenging geographic areas.

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