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Qatar Fund for Development participates in the ROTA EMPOWERS conference for youth empowerment in its 12th edition

July 20, 2020

To activate the role of youth in societies

Qatar Fund for Development participates in the ROTA EMPOWERS conference for youth empowerment in its 12th edition

QFFD is organizing a workshop on environment and climate change

In order to activate the role of youth in building societies, Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) participated this year activities of ROTA EMPOWERS to empower youth in its 12th edition. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Youth Mobilization for Inclusion, Peace and Security.”. QFFD will organize a workshop on climate change, in addition to moderating two panel sessions under the title Relation between media, peace and security and Role of youth in Media.

The conference was Delivered this year with a new virtual online format v-EMPOWER, to overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. V-EMPOWER 2020 will serve as a forum to promote the importance of engaging youth in peacebuilding, inclusion and security processes in relevant community, national, regional or international organizations. The theme will also build on Security Council Resolution on youth, peace and security, which recognizes the role of young people as agents of peace and emphasizes young people’s contribution towards inclusive and sustainable peace.

During the conference, QFFD organized a workshop on the role of youth in addressing climate change, during which the youth learned more about climate change issue and its effect, and about local efforts to combat climate change. Also, ways of personal actions to address climate change were discussed and young people were introduced to friendly local initiatives for the climate. The workshop aims at enhancing young peoples’ familiarity with the subject will help create a public that is better informed about and more involved with climate change-related efforts now and well into the future.The interest of the State of Qatar comes in the matter of climate change through the $100 million pledge that was announced by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, during the UN Climate Action Summit 2019

The conference coincides with the International Youth Skills Day, in which the United Nations celebrates every 15th of July, accordingly the conference accompanies the international efforts of this day to activating the role of youth in societies and highlighting their professional skills and developing it where QFFD in cooperation with its local & international strategic partners’ focuses on the importance of The role of youth in achieving the goals of sustainable and inclusive development. QFFD is constantly studying the possibility of involving youth in all sectors and areas, with the aim of achieving its vision, “giving hope and promoting peace and justice through sustainable and inclusive development”.

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