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Qatar Fund For Development supports UN-Habitat to remove and reuse debris in Yemeni city

September 10, 2020

Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD) has contributed USD 2 million to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) to clean up debris and hazardous waste resulting from the years of conflict in Yemen.

Partnering with the QFFD, UN-Habitat will contribute to the social and economic recovery of conflict-affected areas by developing and implementing an effective debris management strategy and the removal of debris. Apart from being a threat to health, the waste also affects economic recovery and delays the return of displaced people.

The project includes a hazard waste removal and safe disposal component, carried out by experts, which will benefit residents of affected areas. In addition there is a training component for young people who will work on recycling, and reuse of debris from damaged buildings, which will be reused to rehabilitate and reconstruct other houses.

The Deputy Director General of Projects Development at QFFD,  Misfer bin Hamad Al-Shahwani stated: “ The crisis in Yemen has created many intractable problems that need long-term development solutions. We are proud of this strategic cooperation with UN-Habitat, as this agreement will contribute to creating a healthy clean environment, improve livelihoods and help internally displaced persons.”

The Head of UN-Habitat’s Yemen Office Wael Al-Ashhab said there were huge amounts of debris and hazardous waste created by the fighting. 

“This project will improve the living conditions of the host community and the internally displaced in Sa’ada City and improve the overall environment of the city,” he said.

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