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Wajd Program Launched to Promote the Orphans’ Access to an Adequate Standard of Living in the Gaza Strip

January 2, 2018

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Taawon, a Palestinian NGO on 13th May 2015 to provide a grant of USD 10 million to support Wajd Program as part of providing care and education to Gaza orphans project in 2014. The program provides the comprehensive care to 2,108 orphans during its four year (2015-2018) life span.

The project aims at empowering the orphaned children in Gaza and meeting their basic needs (health and education) so they can live in dignity, achieve their ambitions and become active members of their community.

The project’s achievements in the education sector included enabling 487 children to attend kindergarten, improving 1,226 children’s access to education by supporting educational and supportive education opportunities, enabling 142 youth to pursue higher education and the graduation of 28 students.

Regarding health sector, the project has provided different health services to 2,016 children. It provided psychological support to 1,327 children, enabled 156 people with disabilities to become self-reliant. It also enhanced access to vocational training to 96 children, implemented a small-scale project for 27 youth and 11 mothers, and provided on-the-job trainings for 75 youth and 71 mothers.

Success story: Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Abbas, 11 years old, a participant in Wajd program, the extracurricular activities for the orphans of 2014 aggression project. He benefited from the project’s first year activities and was selected for “Computer and Information Technology Section.” Mohammed says, “I hope to be a famous person in the information technology field.”

Ahmed benefited from the extracurricular activities project for Wajd’s orphans, during his second year. He received training in the computer and information technology section, as well as in manufacturing, and learning to programme a robot. He participated in installing three robots with his colleagues in the group. ” I hope to be a public figure in the field of information technology,” said Ahmed

“I really love IT, which is my major at the university. I follow up my son’s training to provide him with everything he needs for the application. I thought that the training was useless and provided entertainment for kids. However, when I asked my son what he learned, I discovered that my son is taking the training very seriously. Ahmed was fond of the computer as he spent much time online reading many books and he asked me a lot about information technology,” his mother said.

Ahmed attended “Expotech 2016”, which was held in Rashad Shawa Cultural Center to showcase the youth leading projects.

“You will be proud of me after the training. I am eager to participate in Expotech next year, so that I will get more training to achieve my dreams,” he said.

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