The Qatar Fund For Development is starting the third phase of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa City, in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, building 700 apartments at a cost of $ 43 million

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27 September، 2017
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27 September، 2017

The Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) has announced the beginning of the third phase of HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa City, the biggest residential project in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip. This phase is set to oversee the construction of 700 apartments at a total cost of $43 million.

QFFD stated that the first and second phases were completed, and a total of 1,060 apartments were built in the first phase and 1,264 others in the second phase, with a full project cost of $113,895,600. QFFD pointed out that the main roads (Salah Al Din Street and Al Rasheed Road) will be completed in cooperation with the Gaza Reconstruction Committee with a length of 68.6 km and at a cost of $117,517,900. The second phase of the rehabilitation of Salah Al Din Street was completed, while the third and fourth phases in the Khan Yunis governorate have started.

The construction of the 12,000 square-meters “HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Hospital”, which is located in the North side of Gaza City, was completed by QFFD. The project includes the construction of the main building, which comprises of basement floor and 5-stories with a total area close to 2,700 m². The project includes rooms for guards, gates and an external wall. In addition, the landscape works include a waterfall, stream, seating areas, theater, roads and walkways. Currently, QFFD is supplying and installing equipment and furniture for the hospital, which has a total cost of $16 million.

Mr. Misfer Al-Shahwani, the Executive Director of Development Projects at QFFD said that these achievements are part of the State of Qatar’s contribution to the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip during the past years. He stated that HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani donated $407 million for the reconstruction of infrastructure, housing, health, education and agriculture projects.

The State of Qatar has continued to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and to establish vital and strategic projects including the city of Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Al-Rasheed Street, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Hospital and Al Aamal City of Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani.