Qatar Fund for Development funds health sector in the Republic of Lebanon to cover fuel expenses in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health

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21 July، 2022
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1 August، 2022

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) provided financial support to the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health by covering the fuel expenses for several hospitals and health faciality in the Republic of Lebanon. Where the first Two batches of aid arrived covering about (991,000) liters of fuels were distributed to more than 40 government hospitals and centers for elderly care, and health facilities.

H.E. Mr Khalifa Alkuwari, Director General of the Qatar Fund for Development, said: “This aid aims to alleviate the burden on the Lebanese people, especially during these agonizing circumstances and the tough economic conditions that the country is experiencing. As this aid will play a pivotal role in supporting the health sector in the Republic of Lebanon.”

For his part, H.E. Mr. Firas Al-Abyad, the Lebanese Minister of Public Health, said: “All thanks and appreciation to Qatar Fund for Development initiative, which came at its time as a message of support for the government hospital sector to remain resilient in light of this suffocating and unprecedented economic crisis that Lebanon is going through. Our goal at this stage is to provide sustainability in health and hospital services, after government hospitals have become a haven for citizens unable to keep up with the rise in their hospital bills. There is no doubt that supplying government hospitals and the Karantina drug store with the necessary fuel for power generation is vital and necessary to achieve this goal. It is not the first time that the State of Qatar has made us aware that Lebanon is not alone in a time of crisis, and this is a characteristic of brothers who do not hesitate to support each other in all circumstances.”

It is worth noting that QFFD provided many assistance, especially medical assistance to the Lebanese people, where His Highness Sheikh / Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the state of Qatar, pledged During the Paris International Conference, which was held in the French capital, Paris on August 09, 2020, an amount of (50) million US dollars to help and support Beirut and the Lebanese people, This was after the Beirut port explosion.