Qatar Fund for Development signs aAn Agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

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15 November، 2017
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صندوق قطر للتنمية يوقع اتفاقية مع المفوضية السامية للأمم المتحدة لشؤون اللاجئين لدعم النازحين في العراق بالاحتياجات الأساسية والمأوى

The agreement aims at providing IDPs across Iraq with basic needs and shelter and reconstructing Nineveh governorate in Iraq with an estimated cost of $ 6 million

Qatar Fund for Development signed an agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide IDPs across Iraq with basic needs, sustainable solutions and cash assistance to rehabilitate shelters for the affected people in Mosul as part of the brotherly relations between Qatar and Iraq.

The agreement was signed by H.E. Mr. Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of the Qatar Fund for Development and Mr. Filippo Grandi, High Commissioner for Refugees.

For his part, Mr. Filippo Grandi, Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) stated that Qatar is one of the largest donor governments, which co-operates with international organizations providing relief and support to refugees in the Arab region and abroad.

“The State of Qatar supports refugees and cooperates with UN organizations, especially UNHCR believing in their important role in the conflict areas. The Iraqi people are in urgent need of assistance especially in winter and we in the State of Qatar will spare no effort to support our brothers, “H.E. Mr. Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Kuwari, Director General of QFFD said.

The project aims at rehabilitating Nineveh villages, hosting internally displaced persons and returnees, doing some repairs and rehabilitating the basic infrastructure and public places such as water networks, irrigation canals, public health centers and schools. The support will include cash transfers to the most vulnerable families whose homes were severely damaged.

The total number of beneficiaries is 68,000 IDPs.  In addition, 45,000 damaged homes in Mosul were rehabilitated.

In cooperation with UNHCR, QFFD has responded to provide cash assistance to rehabilitate damaged houses, to provide basic relief supplies, and to provide families with basic living needs.

Furthermore, a warehouse will be built in a secure strategic place and shall be in very close proximity to the persons of concern to UNHCR to provide the most vulnerable families in Mosul with timely relief and shelter.

The State of Qatar spares no effort to provide support and to improve the livelihood of communities around the world by carrying out various projects to promote economic and human development on the basis of the ties of brotherhood and historical brotherly relations between Qatar and Iraq. In this regard, Qatar Fund for Development has continued the efforts to implement joint development projects. It also provided a grant of $10 million to support Falluja and Nineveh, including $1 million in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The project targets 30,000 IDPs who are in need of shelter in Mosul.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar is among the top 20 donor countries to support refugees around the world.