QFFD Offers Scholarship for 10 Students from Swaziland

QFFD participates in the GCC Grant to Support the Government of Djibouti
16 January، 2016
Memorandum of Understanding with Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Fund
3 February، 2017

Qatar Fund For Development Fund (QFFD) signed a $1,969,588 grant agreement to support scholarship costs of Qatar Aeronautical College for 10 students from Swaziland. This scholarship covers tuition and living costs of the students within the specific period of study until graduation, in co-ordination with Swaziland government.

The agreement was signed by QFFD’s Executive Director of Development Projects, Misfer Hamad Al Shahwani, Director General of the Qatar Aeronautical College Sheikh Jabor bin Hamad al-Thani, and Swaziland ambassador Felizwe Dlamini.

Al-Shahwani said that QFFD is a public body which co-ordinates and implements foreign assistance projects on behalf of the State of Qatar.

By signing this agreement, QFFD aims to build capacity and increase the competencies of students in Swaziland in the civil aviation field through enhancing development efforts in Swaziland and supporting tuition costs, in collaboration with the Qatar Aeronautical College.
He added that the grant supports developing countries by focusing on education and investment in human development sector in general and supports sustainable development efforts undertaken by Swaziland, in particular.