• Eligibility:
    1. The program or project must be implemented in a Least Developed Country (LDC) [View Countries].
    2. The program or project must be implemented by a Civil Society Organization (CSO) originating from an LDC, emphasizing localization support.
    3. Only organizations are eligible to apply; individuals cannot apply.
    4. Nominations are open to all organizations, but final eligibility is subject to exemption by the Award Committee. Only non-governmental civil society organizations originating in LDCs are eligible.
    5. The program or project must demonstrate tangible impacts; proofs of concept are not supported.
    6. The program or project must have been launched no earlier than six years prior to the application for the awards.
    7. The program or project must be either currently active or have concluded within the awards year.
    8. Programs and projects must align with the theme of the Award year, focusing on “Food Security.”
  • Theme:
    1. The theme for the 2023 QFFD Sustainability Award is “Food Security.”
    2. Eligible programs or projects should aim to ensure sustainable access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for all, and/or enhance agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers in a sustainable manner or contribute to improving the sustainability of food production systems or consumption.
    3. Sustainability, as defined for the purpose of this award, encompasses multiple dimensions. Successful programs or projects should demonstrate economic sustainability i.e., self-sustaining. They should also provide broad-based benefits for society, promoting social sustainability. Furthermore, they should have a positive or neutral impact on the natural environment and climate, aligning with principles of environmental sustainability.
  • Media Content:
    1. To showcase successful programs or projects, the winning organization will be encouraged to provide media content such as images, videos, and infographics that are relevant to their initiatives. This media content will serve as visual representations of the impact and progress achieved.
    2. Publicizing Initiatives: QFFD and QF may feature and share the provided media content on their official website, social media platforms, and newsletters. This will enable wider visibility and recognition for successful programs or projects, amplifying their achievements and inspiring others in the field of sustainable development.
  • Application Process: Applicants are required to follow the application process to be considered for the QFFD Sustainability Awards.
    1. Application Submission: Applicants must utilize the provided template, which includes a comprehensive set of questions and provides suitable answers prior to the set deadline. (September 1st, 2023)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Process:
    1. QFFD and its representatives will periodically request updates on the progress made against performance and impact achievements of the program or project.”
    2. Applicants are expected to provide relevant information and data to facilitate the monitoring process.
  • Grant Money Utilization:The grant money awarded by the QFFD Sustainability Award must be utilized exclusively for the [Winning Project/initiative/Program].
  • Award Presentation:
    1. The QFFD Sustainability Award will be presented during a special segment at QF’s annual Qatar Climate Change Conference.
    2. A QFFD representative will present the award to the selected recipient.
  • Grant and Recognition:
    1. The award recipient will receive a monetary grant value of USD 20,000.
    2. Ornamented or engraved plaques will be presented to the award recipients.
    3. The initiative/project will be recognized through media coverage, including social media posts and the designated awards website.
  • Discretion:
    1. QFFD and the Award Committee reserve the right to interpret and amend these terms and conditions.
    2. Decisions made by QFFD and the Award Committee regarding the selection process and awarding of the QFFD Sustainability Project Award are final and binding.


By submitting the application form to QFFD you agree to all that is mentioned above.