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  • 21 February
  • 2024

Qatar Creating Vision

Qatar Creating Vision is an initiative supported by Qatar Fund for Development in coordination with ORBIS. It aims to improve access to eye care services worldwide for millions of adults and children. 

The program began in 2016 as part of the first phase of Qatar Creating Vision, providing millions of eye tests to children in India and Bangladesh. 

The journey continued in 2018, where it was extended to help children and adults struggling with vision loss within the Rohingya and local host community in South East Bangladesh. Demand for services has been high, and in just under two years, over 150,000 eye tests, treatments, and surgeries were delivered. 

Between 2016 and 2020 in India and Bangladesh, more than 6 million eye tests and treatments, mainly for children, were provided. 

And in 2019, it was expanded across Africa and Asia. Where the initiative started to tackle the blinding eye infection, Trachoma, in Ethiopia

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