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  • 10 May
  • 2024


Launched by the State of Qatar in 2016, QUEST is an initiative that aims to provide multi-sectoral support to conflict-affected Syrians inside and in host countries.  

At its early stages, Quest sought to ensure that children and young people, who have suffered from the consequences of the Syrian crisis, are able to get the necessary education and skills that enable them to move to formal education and find good jobs in the future to be active members of their community. 

In 2018, Qatar Fund for Development expanded the initiative to include health and economic development interventions. The health component aims to provide vital support to a wide range of populations using various strategies to bring about quick improvements in the health status to targeted beneficiaries. The interventions include reproductive health, nutrition, primary, secondary, and tertiary health support 

In addition to this, QFFD is supporting economic development projects that aim to create sustainable jobs for youths and women by creatively tackling the root barriers to wage and self-employment to generate and drive sustainable income and livelihoods. In doing so, the interventions provide technical skills training, employment advice, and they facilitate access to finance and higher education. 

Supporting Education in Conflict Areas 

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