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  • 10 May
  • 2024

Women in Conflict Zones

What is Women in Conflict Zones Initiative? 

Women continue to experience high levels of violence, poverty, and exclusion particularly in conflict settings and fragile contexts. While violence perpetrates suffering on everyone, women continue to be disproportionately affected by conflict and violence, deeply affected by its short and long-term effects that push them into further vulnerability and poverty. 

The Women in Conflict Zones initiative seeks to overreach supporting women that leads to a dignified life even during conflicts through highlighting Qatar Fund for Development’s implementation of various projects and interventions that support and empower women particularly in conflict and fragile settings through humanitarian aid and developmental assistance. 

Thus, the initiative advocates for the greater protection for women in conflict situation, and to ensure that women are included in all aspects of peacebuilding and conflict resolution processes, but we know that women are a source of strength and resilience and play vital roles within their families and communities in the face of insecurity. 

Goals and Objectives 


Women in Conflict Zones mechanism focuses on enhancing the role of Women in conflict and fragile situations by recognizing and developing her skills to enhance her contribution within their communities. 


  1. To empower girls and women by supporting economic resilience for Refugees, IDPs and vulnerable host communities through sustainable actions. 
  1. To position women as agents of change and peacemaking by ensuring an effective participation in reconciliation processes and leadership roles that effectively contribute to community building development and growth. 
  1. To respond to women and girls needs in conflict situations, through equipping women and girls with high quality training and workshops.