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Lusail University International Student Forum 2022

June 8, 2022

Lusail University International Student Forum 2022
Lusail University organized the first edition of the International Student Forum 2022, with the support and presence of the strategic partners, Qatar Fund for Development, funder and initiator of Qatar Scholarship Program, and Qatar Charity. The organization of this forum comes within the framework of Lusail University’s keenness to introduce the scholarships available to international students, which was launched by the university under the umbrella of the Qatar Scholarships Program, as of fall semester 2021.
Based on its values that focus on justice, integrity, leadership, innovation, and transparency, and in order to achieve justice and enhance trust and credibility, Lusail University seeks to reach with its distinguished academic programs to the largest number of beneficiaries inside and outside Qatar, with alignment to the State of Qatar Vision and its interest in ensuring comprehensive and equitable education for vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially in developing countries.
With shared goals, Lusail University signed a strategic agreement with Qatar Fund for Development under the umbrella of the Qatar Scholarships Program, with an aim to attract international students who are not residing in the State of Qatar and who are unable to afford education expenses and study costs that enables them to enroll in undergraduate programs offered at Lusail University. The Qatar Fund for Development believes that education is the primary force for the growth, development, and renaissance of nations. Hence, the establishment of Qatar Scholarships Program is committed to expand access to higher education through the provision of scholarships. The program also seeks to empower future leaders to lead important roles in their societies and to promote sustainable development. In addition, Lusail University also signed another cooperation agreement with Qatar Charity to contribute to the financing of this purposeful development programs.
Lusail University has so far enrolled (27) students who received educational grants under Qatar Scholarship program; (12) students for the fall semester 2021 representing Senegal, Rwanda, Gambia, Turkey, and Sudan, and for the spring semester (15) students were welcomed from Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Gambia and the Philippines. The student’s study in vast programs offered by the university, including English, management of logistics resources, law and business administration in three languages: Arabic, English and French.
The forum was an opportunity for international students to express their gratitude to Lusail University, the strategic partners, and the Qatar Scholarship Program. The granted scholarships have come to help the students to turn their dream of completing a higher education into a reality. Marouf Jallow, a student from the Republic of the Gambia studying marketing and distribution techniques in Arabic, presented a poem in which he expressed his loyalty and affiliation to Lusail University, which is increasing day by day, while also stressing the unique position and the distinguished academic level of the university that makes it compete with the best universities.
The student, Frances Julian from the Philippines, studying in the English Language Teaching Program, stressed that education is one of the basic priorities in life, but not everyone in her country can access it due to the poor financial means. She added that the scholarships offered for Lusail University enabled her to achieve her basic goal, and it is an opportunity that many wish for. Frances extended her deep gratitude to the university for the scholarship and promised to make every effort to succeed and return this favor, hoping that this program will continue to support more needy students.
As for the student, Bayda Dormush from Turkey, who studies private law in the Arabic language, she expressed during her participation how she seeks to represent her country in the international arena in the future, and how lucky she was to have been chosen for this scholarship among the dozens of students who applied. Bayda promised to do her best to succeed and excel, expressing her gratitude to Lusail University for giving her this opportunity and for the strong support.
The student, Monzi Rotajingwa Kenzo, voiced his deep appreciation to Lusail University and all those in charge of managing the distinguished educational institution, stressing that his experience would not have been successful without the effort exerted by the university and its professors. The student also affirmed his keenness to benefit from the knowledge and skills he will acquire during the scholarship and to rely on them to advance his country, Rwanda upon return to it, and to support relations between Rwanda and Qatar.
The student, Guy Nias from Senegal, who studies public law in Arabic, spoke on behalf of her Senegalese colleagues, stressing the importance of education and her quest to obtain the scholarship. She highlighted how thankful she is to the university for their efforts in overcoming the difficulties and she added to express her and her colleagues determination to achieve their ambitions in obtaining an education and acquiring a bachelor’s degree to become qualified to advance their countries.
The student, Rawa Al-Samawal from Sudan, who studies law, praised the educational environment at Lusail University, and described it as safe, encouraging and the professors are always ready to help. The student affirmed her determination to take advantage of the scholarship opportunity to acquire all kinds of knowledge and skills necessary to apply them to her professional life.
As for Nastihu Mohamed Bar, a Somali student, who is studying in the English Language Teaching Program, she voiced how the scholarship offered to her in Lusail University was a great opportunity to complete her university studies, which she would not have obtained without this scholarship. The student also added her deep appreciation to the State of Qatar and Lusail University for hosting her and her Somali colleagues which gave her a glimmer of hope that she can improve her country’s conditions through education and knowledge, hoping that she will restore her country’s strength and unite all Arab countries.
The scholarships offered at Lusail University have been made available to students from the strategic partners and the Qatar Scholarships Program led by the Qatar Fund for Development. To ensure the financial coverage of the expenses of the educational period for the student, the scholarships include tuition fees, university housing insurance and transportation, the payment of a monthly stipend, health insurance and airline tickets.
Lusail University aims through the implementation of this noble development project with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development through the initiative of Qatar Scholarships Program to achieve its vision and strategic goals by creating opportunities for cultural diversity and gender equality, and to ensure the consequent exchange of experiences and enrichment of knowledge among students. This all comes to add the prominent role all partners are taking to spread knowledge, culture and providing equal educational opportunities for all.

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