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Qatar Charity, Qatar Fund for Development and Qatar Pharma join hands to Provide Medicines for Syria

January 16, 2018

The Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD), Qatar Charity (QC) and Qatar Pharma have signed a partnership and co-operation agreement worth $1mn to provide medicines and medical consumables for the humanitarian response in Syria.

This agreement has been signed owing to the QC’s desire to support Qatari national companies and Qatar national products and to contribute to the humanitarian response in Syria. It will benefit those affected in the Syrian humanitarian crisis to meet their basic needs in consistence with humanitarian sectors (Clusters) under the humanitarian response plan (HRP) 2018 for Syria. The agreement was signed at the headquarters of Qatar Charity by CEO Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari and Qatar Pharma Chairman Dr. Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Sulaiti in the presence of  QFFD Director General Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Kuwari.

Mr. Yousef Al-Kuwari said, “The agreement aims at strengthening the relationship between institutions and it was signed based on the concept of the strategic partnership between them.” He explained that the agreement would give the opportunity to both parties to provide humanitarian services in general and particularly medical services to the needy people as Qatar Charity works in the charitable and humanitarian field and Qatar Pharma is a well-known pharmaceutical enterprise that produces and supply’s high quality medicines.
This agreement comes within the framework of the QC’s continuous efforts to develop its performance, improve the quality of its services provided for the benefit of humanity, and achieve its vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Mr. Yousef Al-Kuwari pointed out that the importance of the agreement lies in the implementation of projects alleviating the suffering of those affected in Syria in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. He added that Qatar Charity has a number of current and future medical projects in many countries, so both Qatar Charity and Qatar Pharma can co-operate in better ways to serve the humanity in many countries where there are humanitarian crises.

QFFD’s Director General, H.E. Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari praised the partnership between Qatar Charity and Qatar Pharma. He highlighted the importance of signing such strategic agreements on the international relief and development sector and appreciated the role of the QFFD in promoting such partnerships between Qatari private sector and various Qatari humanitarian and charitable organizations. QFFD supports international qualitative humanitarian initiatives adopted by Qatari humanitarian and charitable organizations.
“The best example of what we are witnessing today is signing the agreement between Qatar Charity and Qatar Pharma and the implications of such cooperation for the revitalization of the Qatari economy and the economic cycle,” he said. The official urged companies and private sector to engage in the implementation of relief and development projects in co-operation with QFFD and Qatari charitable and humanitarian organizations.
The QFFD Director General added that the importance of this agreement is to implement a project that will contribute to alleviating the suffering of people affected in Syria by providing them with medicines and medical supplies, which are one of the most important requirements of their life now. It is noteworthy that Qatar works in this regard together many UN organizations.

Qatar Pharma Chairman Dr. Ahmed Al-Sulaiti said: “We are pleased that Qatar Pharma will give better rates to Qatar Charity as it is a charitable organization within the framework of this partnership and cooperation agreement. This will reflect the real partnership that united them under the umbrella of the social responsibility towards the national companies.”
This agreement is the result of a desire from Qatar Pharma to participate in humanitarian works and charitable activities with the civil societies, he added.
In accordance with the agreement, Qatar Pharma will supply medicines and consumables up to 67 pharmaceuticals, which will be distributed by Qatar Charity to hospitals and health centers in North Syria to cover the need of these health facilities.

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