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Qatar Fund for Development and UNHCR sign an agreement for the provision of healthcare for Syrian refugees in Jordan

June 23, 2019

Qatar Fund for Development and UNHCR sign an agreement for the provision of healthcare for Syrian refugees in Jordan

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency signed an agreement worth USD 3 million, to operate five clinics to support primary health needs in support of the Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Misfer bin Hamad Al Shahwani, Deputy Director General for Projects for Qatar Fund for Development and Mr. Amin Awad, UNHCR Director for the Middle East and North Africa Bureau, and Regional Refugee Coordinator for the the Syria and Iraq situations, in support of UNHCR’s healthcare activities of Syrian refugees in Jordan for seven months.

This contribution aims to support UNHCR’s efforts in providing comprehensive healthcare services for an estimate of 35,000 vulnerable Syrians refugees in Jordan, whether living in camps or urban settings. These services include reproductive health, mental health, dentistry, nutrition, and referrals for further care.

Mr. Al-Shahwani said: “This agreement complements the continuous solidarity of the State of Qatar with the Syrian people and those affected by the Syrian conflict. It also supports the efforts of the Jordanian government to support Syrians and to achieve Sustainable development goal number 3. The third objective of the Fund is to “ensure that everyone enjoys a healthy and prosperous lifestyle at all ages”

He added: “These clinics are equipped with basic services to ensure access to health care for Syrian refugees and to provide treatment for acute and chronic diseases, as the Syrian people are in dire need for access to treatment to ensure a decent life.”

“Today’s agreement focuses on alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees in the sector of healthcare, in particular those who suffer from chronic medical conditions, the disabled and the elderly.” Said Mr. Amin Awad commenting on the importance of this agreement. “We appreciate the efforts of QFFD and their commitment to saving lives and supporting those who struggle to find treatment, given their limited financial resources.” he added.

There are also laboratory tests in the central laboratory partner of the Commission in Amman. In addition, patient’s samples are delivered to the Central Laboratory of Investigation and health education sessions which consists of personal counseling and health education sessions on management of non-communicable diseases and health nutrition to manage acute malnutrition cases.

During the past years, QFFD has supported UNHCR’s programmes in support of refugees and internally displaced persons. Last year alone QFFD funded UNHCR’s programmes for up to of USD 9 million supporting some 560,000 refugees and internally displaced persons in Iraq, Bangladesh and Yemen.

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