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Qatar Fund for Development hosts the eighty-seventh meeting of the Arab Coordination Group

April 11, 2021

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) through hosted the 87th meeting of the Arab Coordination Group, at the level of managers. To discuss subjects of common interest in the development and humanitarian sector. QFFD is hosting this meeting for the first time since joining in 2014.

This meeting aims to enhance coordination and increase the effectiveness of development interventions. During the meeting, views were exchanged on a number of axes related to policies and operations, information on the funds provided to each of the group members, a review of the status of some countries and projects of a special nature, and the relationship of the group with regional financial institutions and international.

 “Qatar Fund for Development is pleased to host the 87th meeting of the Arab Coordination Group for the first time in Doha virtually, to discuss issues of common interest in the development and humanitarian sector.” Said Mr. Misfer Al-Shahwani, Deputy Director General of Projects at QFFD,

“It has become increasingly urgent to address international development challenges that threaten not only disastrous consequences for societies around the world, but also undermine the development achievements made so far,” Added Mr. Al-Shahwani

“The Coordination Group institutions strive to continue their joint efforts to support economic and social development in partner countries, especially during the current global crisis brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic, the Coordination Group have continued their meetings, which resulted in the release of a joint statement in which the Coordination Group pledged to allocate ten billion US dollars to assist developing countries in their immediate response and efforts aimed at achieving economic recover.” Said Mr. Azzeddine Bouchelaghem, Secretariat of the Arab Coordination Group

The meeting will be attended by Qatar Fund for Development, the Islamic Development Bank, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, the OPEC Fund for International Development, Saudi Fund for Development, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, and the Arab Gulf Program for Development the Arab Monetary Fund and the Iraqi Fund for External Development.

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