Qatar Fund For Development
Qatar Fund For Development
Qatar Fund For Development
  • 15 May
  • 2024

Qatar Fund for Development is establishing an integrated city in northern Syria in cooperation with AFAD.

April 4, 2023

Qatar Fund for Development has signed an agreement with the Turkish Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) to support the project of establishing an integrated city in northern Syria.

This agreement aims to establish an integrated city in northern Syria, benefiting 70,000 individuals, to provide means for a decent livelihood for Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as support their resilience.

The cooperation of Qatar Fund for Development with AFAD is part of the QFFD’s efforts to support the Syrian people. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Qatar has been eager to respond and provide humanitarian and relief aid to the Syrian people based on its strong belief in their right to a decent life. These essential aids were established in several projects that covered various fundamental sectors such as health, education, economic empowerment, as well as relief and winter assistance, aimed at improving the means of livelihood for the Syrian people.

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