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Qatar Fund for Development launched the “Douma Market Restoration” project in cooperation with the Batrouniyat Association

September 12, 2022

Qatar Fund for Development launched the project to restore the old market in the village of Douma in cooperation with the Batrouniyat Association, during a ceremony held in the same market, under the patronage and presence of the Lebanese Minister of Tourism, His Excellency Eng. Walid Nassar, and in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Beirut, Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Sahlawi, on behalf of Qatar Fund for Development, in addition to the deputy of Batroun, Mr. Gebran Bassil. High-level personalities from the Lebanese side attended the ceremony.

This ceremony is a completion of an agreement that was signed in 2019, the project works on improving the urban planning of the Douma area in the north of the Republic of Lebanon, with the aim of supporting Lebanese people to revive the economy through the rehabilitation and restoration of the old market in the village of Douma to rehabilitate the infrastructure, in addition to develop private and public facilities.

During the ceremony, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Beirut delivered a speech, during which he said: “I am honored to participate today in the launch of the Douma market restoration project, which the State of Qatar was given the opportunity to finance out of its tireless desire to stand by Lebanon and support it in all fields. This support stems from Funding comes from the State of Qatar’s realization that heritage is one of the things that give distinctive features to every nation, as heritage is part of its identity and it shows how it built its glories and what are the reasons that led to its continuation or decline”.

His Excellency added: “Today this opening is the culmination of the partnership and cooperation between the State of Qatar, represented by Qatar Fund for Development and the republic of Lebanon, and to complement the sustainable development goals that constitute common priorities. Finally, I pray to God to bless Lebanon with security, safety and stability, with the will and unity of all Lebanese.”

The importance of the market lies in being an economic weight for the village, as well as an important heritage and tourist landmark. Such projects not only contribute to reviving the economy and tourism, but also contribute to opening new job opportunities, refreshing the labor market and adding to the income of individuals.

This project is a continuation of the role of Qatar Fund for Development in helping the Arab brothers, and it is also a continuation of the sustainable development goals such as the eighth goal: “decent work and economic growth”, which is one of QFFD priorities.


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