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Qatar Fund for Development Support Syrian refugees in Turkey towards stability

October 11, 2021

Qatar Fund for Development Support Syrian refugees in Turkey towards stability

with the help of its strategic partners Qatar Charity and Spark

Refugees endure devastating experience, as they fleeing their homes and bid farewell to their loved ones, in a heartbreaking experience that is further exacerbated by the complexities of war and crisis. To carry out its responsibilities toward Syrian refugees, the State of Qatar through Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) is working hand in hand with it strategic partners Qatar Charity and Spark to bring about positive change to Syrian refugees.

Settling in host countries is not just a major part of the refugee journey but also a story of hardship in itself, adding another layer of struggle and burden on refugees. and today the world is not giving much attention to   harmful effects of this journey on refugees, such as physical and psychological effects of trauma, language and literacy difficulties and issues with identity and belonging.

A Refugees experience toward resettlement and stability needs to cover many important sectors, and QFFD through it projects and programs is contributing to enhancing stability for Syrian refugee, alongside its strategic partners Qatar Charity, through investment young Syrian refugees, facilitating access to quality education through the  rehabilitation of 6 Formal schools in Turkey, in Gaziantep, Urfa, Kilis, targeting a total of 13,540 beneficiaries and 12,860 girls and boys aged between 5 to 18. The project will not only focus on increasing equitable access to Education opportunities but will also integrates those students into the Turkish public schools by increasing the capacity of the school and enhancing the education environment. 

In order to support Syrian’s stability and resilience in host countries and ensure better future for Syrian youth, QFFD together with its strategic partner Qatar Charity is working to provide quality education and enhancing life skills for 5,250 Syrian refugees in Gaziantep that holds one of the biggest communities of Syrian refugees. The project focuses on two main community centers that offers a range of educational activities, life skills and psychosocial support. This is in addition to vocational training to enable and empower young Syrians to start new careers that enables them to be economically independent and pursue their lives with dignity. On the other hand, focusing on helping young Syrian refugee who want to presume their education to college study to prepare for ‘TÖMER’ exam which is a high-level language examination required to secure entry to Turkish universities.

Today Turkey is the home to over 4 million Syrian refugees, looking for affordable housing, good education, and good health care, as well as decent employment to secure a dignified life

QFFD signed a 4 years agreement with Spark to create 4,380 job opportunities for Syrian youth refugees, introducing them to an enabling environment to engage in the labour market. The project will help 350 MSMEs with Covid-19 response and scaling up, and will also help 300 entrepreneurs with their start ups and build entrepreneurship skills for 250 beneficiaries

Refugees are not just leaving their home behind, they are leaving their dreams, part of themselves, seeking not just a safe home but a place that will hold their hopes and future, and this is the real aim that QFFD is working on, not only giving refugees their needs of today but thinking ahead and plan sustainably to build up the future for the refugees.



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