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QFFD, Qatar Charity sign grant agreement to support the affected in Sudan

October 16, 2023

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) signed a grant agreement with Qatar Charity (QC) to support those affected in the Republic of Sudan.
Qatar Fund for Development and Qatar Charity signed a grant agreement to provide food baskets to families affected by the war and displacement in the Republic of Sudan, valued at 20 million Qatari riyals.
The Agreement was signed by Ms. Aisha Al-Kuwari, Director of Humanitarian Aid at Qatar Fund for Development and by Mr. Khaled Al-Yafei, Director of Emergency and Relief.
The project aims to respond urgently to those affected by the armed conflict that caused the displacements of families and individuals by distributing relief food baskets to 50,000 families in the most affected and vulnerable states of Sudan. The project will be implemented by Qatar Charity by involving the local community in the process of identifying the beneficiaries. Where the project will focus on involving Women in the implementation of the project, as well as youth and community leaders.
For her part, Ms. Aisha Al-Kuwari, Director of Qatar Fund for Development’s Humanitarian Aid Department, said: “We at Qatar Fund for Development stand beside the Sudanese people. To complement ongoing efforts, we are working with various partners to improve livelihoods in the Sudan’s war and displacement zones. We look forward to alleviating suffering by distributing food baskets to affected families “
Mr. Khaled Al-Yafei, Director of Emergency and Relief, Qatar Charity, said: “This agreement comes within the framework of ongoing cooperation and strategic partnership between the parties in relief efforts to support those affected by conflicts and disasters, including the ongoing crisis in the Sudan, in order to alleviate the suffering of displaced persons, Sudanese refugees and affected families and to close the gap in food, shelter, health and other aspects.”
He thanked Qatar Fund for Development for its continued support for Qatar’s philanthropic efforts and humanitarian interventions around the world

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