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Under the umbrella of Qatar Scholarships Program
Qatar Fund for Development signs a memorandum of understanding with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education to provide scholarships for 400 students in cooperation with Education Above All Foundation

June 16, 2021

Qatar Fund for Development(QFFD)  and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Republic of Lebanon signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide scholarships for 400 students to complete their education at the American University of Beirut, in cooperation with Education Above All Foundation (EAA), which will manage the project through Qatar scholarships program.

The five-year MoU will target Lebanese and  Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon as part of a joint program between EAA and the American University of Beirut.

On this occasion, His Excellency Khalifa Al Kuwari, Director of QFFD said: “Through this agreement, we reaffirm the State of Qatar’s concern to support education, securing a decent life, which supports the process of sustainable human development through which the desired development goals of the United Nations are achieved, specifically the fourth goal. For sustainable development, namely: ensuring fair and inclusive education and promoting lifelong learning for all. We believe that supporting education is one of the basic pillars of human development and the key to success, and today’s agreement comes as a continuation of Qatar’s role in supporting the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals.”

His Excellency added, “Here at Qatar Fund for Development, we believe that education remains the key to peace, stability and security. Investing in education is the key that will provide children and youth with the tools they need to be positive members of their society. For this reason, Qatar Fund for Development is proud to contribute to the development of education. With the skills and knowledge that will support them in their future to become active members of society.”

For his part, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, HE Dr. Tariq Al-Majzoub, said: “In the sea of crises and strong waves, friends appear as a flare spreading hope for salvation. We are pleased to celebrate today the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon and the Qatar Fund for Development. . This memorandum aims to contribute to the strengthening of the university education sector in Lebanon, by providing university scholarships for undergraduate and diploma students, covering 400 male and female students. The signing of this memorandum comes with the support of the Emir of the State of Qatar, the Education Above All Foundation, Qatar Fund for Development, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Lebanon and the embassy staff.”

His Excellency added: “We look forward to the continued support of the State of Qatar and its institutions for education in Lebanon, because education is the essence of the development of nations, and the only way to achieve sustainable development at all levels. We pledge, as an official figure, to sponsor the implementation of this program, based on the desire of the State of Qatar and its institutions to facilitate the procedures that ensure the implementation of the content of this memorandum in all transparency.”

Mr Fahad Al-Sulaiti, CEO of Education Above All Foundation said: “As part of the educational rehabilitation in Lebanon, we are proud to enter into this important partnership agreement with the American University of Beirut. The partnership has a unique target breakdown, 70% of the beneficiaries will be Lebanese youth, while 30% will be refugees from Palestine and Syria. 

With support from the Qatar Fund For Development, the Qatar Scholarship Programme can unlock a new generation to become civic-minded, positive agents of change across the region. EAA aims to provide educational opportunities to these marginalised youth, to empower them to overcome the conditions they are living through during an economic crisis, and to enable them to transform their lives through inclusive and equitable quality education. By working directly with regional academic partners on the ground, we can achieve sustainable change.”

Where QFFD, along with its strategic partner Education Above All, continue the mission of providing education to developing countries and helping students to complete their education journey, in line with the State of Qatar’s direction in supporting education and in line with the QFFD’s vision of giving hope and promoting peace and justice through sustainable and inclusive development

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